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About Qǔ Wallet (QǔW)

The payment transactions of business or personal purchases on Qǔ Exchange (QǔE) is supported by Qǔ Wallet (QǔW). There are four types of QǔW. Each QǔW is exclusively designed for SME businesses, business-owners, company directors, managers, executives, employees of SME businesses and general public. Through Qǔ Wallet (QǔW), in addition to business purchases, SMEs can allocate or transfer Qǔ Point (QǔP) to employees or even business-owners and company directors in their organisation. Individual who work for SMEs can use QǔP for personal purchases such as groceries, food, medical services and many others on Qǔ Exchange (QǔE). QǔW is also an employee flexi benefits/rewards programme designed for SMEs.

Business Wallet

SMEs pledge or

supply products or

services to obtain QǔP 

Branch Wallet

Branches supply

products or services

to receive QǔP

Company Wallet

Individuals such as business-

owners, company directors,

managers and employees of

SME Businesses to receive QǔP

from the employer as employee

flexi benefits/rewards or

via self top-up

Public Wallet

General public via

self top-up or receive

QǔP from family members,

relatives or friends

Business Wallet

To purchase products or

services for business’ needs

or pay/incentivise members

of the organisation as

employees flexi benefits/


Branch Wallet

To receive payment(QǔP) for

products or services supplied.

No purchase capability

Company Wallet

Business-owners, company

directors, managers and

employees use as employee

flexi benefits/rewards for

groceries, food, medical

services and other purchases

Public Wallet

General public use for groceries,

food, medical services

and other purchases

Competitive Advantages

✔  An independent eWallet that does not require a BANKING ACCOUNT

✔  Payment or QǔP transfer is done through a simple yet secure platform between Users and Users without the involvement of


✔  Zero transactions cost

 INSTANT transfer/No float

✔ A real-time list of MERCHANTS on Qǔ Exchange (QǔE) for Users to search for products/services